Equal Speed for All

Most cable internet providers do a lot of shouting about their "high speed" internet but if your upload doesn't match your download, the numbers won't add up to a positive online experience. Select an option below and see exacly how much faster a fiber connection is when matched up against outdated copper technology.

ALLO download time: 3 seconds

ALLO Fiber
up to 2300 Mbps

Competitor download time: 1 minute 52 seconds

avg 25 Mbps

ALLO is up to 40x faster

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Are you a cord-cutter?

You're going to need symmetrical speed, fiber technology, and a really cozy couch to binge from. We can't help with the couch, but our 100% fiber-optic network and cutting edge Wi-Fi 6 compatible Blast router will set the stage for a streaming marathon you're going to want to stay in for.

Sling TV
YouTube TV
Boys playing video games

Bye-bye buffering

So long stuttering, lagging, loading wheel of doom. When data travels over fiber-optics it's literally moving at the speed of light which, by the way, is data's preferred environment. Coax service delivers data over electricity which is not ideal. Interference will trip up your shows and your mood and who needs that? Not you. Whether you're streaming on Twitch, watching 4k movies, video calling grandma, or doing all three at once, you're in the no-buffer zone with ALLO.

Blast Off

The Blast - Our most advanced wireless router is Wi-Fi 6 capable and supports hundreds (you read that right, hundreds) of devices simultaneously. No more getting kicked off the network, no more fighting for bandwidth, no more endless reboots of outdated equipment that just can't keep up. Blast off into the fiber future and stream seamlessly with ALLO.

ALLO Blast Router

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